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Denis20.11.2018 at 13:53
Puzzled searching of the program to warm-up servers, everything I found either didn't fit in the parameters and functionality or price. Quite by accident in some video I heard that there is such a program Xheater bought her, but it turned out that the servers to which set I, for some reason not connected to the programme, not too upset I bought u guys Xserver, to be honest, took some time before many moments had to guess (for example after installation of the server on which the postmaster, it outputted an error dkim and dmark and is supposedly not true spelled out, the problem was solved just reinstalled the axle and re-installed pmta, the postmaster domain was not removed, and after re-install pmta domain software is not confirmed). So basically the soft I am very happy, I wish the guys not to stop the development of software. Those.support is fast, waiting time during working hours can be less than a minute.

Nicholas03.11.2018 at 11:34
The reviews I see some positive. A negative that does not spread? When You respond rudely to the client, which asks more than 2 questions? When the client does not speak any insulting words, and Manager support openly indicates that the client no? Supposedly the client is talking as if he's a gentleman? These are the words of Your Manager. When You lock bought the program and close access to them? Program you buy, but it does not work, because released a new version and need to pay it again with 50% discount, in the end are broken and you close the current access to the site and to chat etc? Yes, You declared dash in RPN and all.

Jura18.10.2018 at 10:04
When selecting programs for mailing had a choice of several options of sites. Purely by chance I saw a program from XSPAMER. Stopped his choice on them. Never regretted my choice. I bought a set, which consists of four programs. Program interact and complement each other, meet all the stated criteria. Constantly updated. At the moment I consider them the best on the market. Those.support at the highest level, immediately respond to treatment of clients and provide highly qualified assistance.Negative reviews about these programs, I think, appear from those people who have not understood or not wanted to understand. Software developers and technical support. I wish you success in the development of their activities. On the market responsive and honest professionals have very little.

Ivan24.06.2018 at 17:07
The program XHeater working properly, my function is performed. Looking for a couple with the neighbor program of warm-up, I found the first program XHeater and threw him to the Ref. the link for it, he signed up and bought the program.

Vyacheslav30.05.2018 at 2:10
The software is very cool, setting up servers at the highest level to set up a server just by installing PMTA, had all the DNS entries to register manually to install the server took 20-30 minutes, all the data in Xservers drove and everything went automatically installed, and most importantly, after these settings have any letters without problems in inboks go, the speed volume is fine pulls the server live for a long time, if the correct mailing list to do, I am very satisfied, thank you developers for such a cool program, and very reasonable prices, I would even say that it is very cheap for such programs, as I bought the training with scripts 10 times more expensive, and these results were not, in General, I recommend, I absolutely love it!

Mohamed Ruziev15.05.2018 at 17:23
Will tell You about the program that just struck me. I have not seen programs that are not lured to with its some minor good properties and then wouldn't cut money for supporting services. In the end, all went as usual. There is no "orgasm" from buying there. But then I came across a program Xmailer from the guys Elinesoft. Is the space!!! So what's the use of this program? And anyway what is she doing? Explain because. If You have their products, have their own client base and want to communicate with them soul to soul, this program is for You. And to communicate heart to heart, there is no better way than personal letters. Now the pigeons almost fly, and the Post of Russia no matter how much tried your whim is not satisfied. And all to write letters of time and effort is not enough. Then You certainly say that it is easier emails, nothing is simple. Here You guessed it, but unless You have customers with your finger to count. Wrote, sent - wait for the emoticons...) And if You have clients over 1000 !? Then what to do? And anyway, You know that the boxes of Your customers, but your customer is still a lot of owners and supervisors who decide to be your loving conversation or not!? This is a different spam filters, it limits the postal services by the number of shipments. Then they claim for your attached files and the link in the email didn't like your headings that describe the essence of the letter contain "stop words". And such occasions are every day more and more. Of course, the next news around your products, you can simply share on your official website and let your customers come in and look around. And if You need to see it right now or later this day. You can't get them to look at Your website. Personal mail and your client once a day-check. Xmailer your news directly puts under the nose of your client, regardless of how many you have in what postal services they have boxes. Including all the options of this program, You will be in the INBOX. The program will help You write letters, arrange them beautifully with the help of numerous templates. You can also see that, got your letter to the recipient has opened your message. All, more than 20 cool tools included in this program is a separate program. If to collect these programs and to configure a mailing list on his own, the months and time of searching is not enough. And each stage requires appropriate qualifications and experience. This program is truly a business tool. Even if You have with customers all the trouble, she offers You a ready base 2-GIS built into it. You need to choose the industry and send your suggestions. The software allows you to gather potential customers from different sites in two clicks, up to social networking. All that I've wrote to You about this program, is just the tip of the iceberg. By purchasing a license for 2900 rubles(it was more expensive than 5000 rubles ), you will receive an incredible space for e-mail marketing. Answer!)

Constantine14.05.2018 at 20:28
Use xdomains and their money is more than worth it. The settings are simple,domains, whatever parses. Tech support is lightning fast answers to all questions. All very much. Thank you for such a miracle software.

Administration26.03.2018 at 22:47
Here's an article on our help portal on the restoration of licenses for our software, if you have changed the system and lost the license: https://blog.xspamer.ru/2018/03/24/перенос-и-восстановление-лицензий/ We can only transfer the existing license. Those who were activated, the basis of this is the payment confirmation and customer id that was used to activate the license. Thank you for understanding!

Samvel26.03.2018 at 0:33
Bought the program xdomains, for my work it is not replaceable. After reinstalling the OS license flew off to recover, you need to provide proof of payment, I can not understand how to do it, but then realized that the check arrives on Yandex mail, but I cleaned and had worked long and hard to collect Bank statements, check cards, etc. to confirm, still activated, but then again apparently the OS reinstalled, and now again confirm the payment and pay 500r. Each is protected from fraud, you know, but it is better to send individuals. the key and use it to activate the program independently, as is done in one of my programs. Now the total programme paid for and cannot use. Will have to buy new.

Stanislav07.02.2018 at 18:28
bought Xdomains , like everything, save a lot of time and nerves in the parsing domain, for purchase I recommend!

Administration26.01.2018 at 1:45
Response to previous review Natalia from 25.01.2018 22:52 >>Why buying program xheater you do not provide the license key and activate the program removed Admin: Because the key is given when buying two or more programs, when you purchase a license for one program, the license is activated on the server. >>those paying you money and if flies OS on the computer I have to prove when and how I paid for this program and that means that I can use it on only one computer Admin: Recovery of lost license is through the support with the provision of payment confirmation with the date and time of payment of the old ID to which the activated license and new ID to which you want to transfer the license. >>others I want to warn - buying program ask about the license key ,maybe if you fly off the OS or you just decide to work remotely possibilities you have this will not.... Admin: The recovery procedure described above, a manual transfer of the license for self-activation on another computer under help->About->license transfer. Unable to transfer independently an infinite number of times! Thank you for Your feedback! With best regards, Elinesoft. The Project XSpamer.ru

Natalia25.01.2018 at 22:52
I want to ask the developers of these programs - why buying program xheater you do not provide the license key and activate the program deleted the ones paying you money and if flies OS on the computer I have to prove when and how I paid for this program and that means that I can use it on only one computer, because there are circumstances when people are working remotely from home and that now you for the transfer of the license to OTHERS.computer need to pay 500r .paying you a license are asked to give the keys and it turns out you buy air not everyone has the opportunity to work on a single computer .about TP say neither bad nor good don't want so help from them will not wait .about the programs but I bought them all 4 PCs can otospitsya only positively ,to understand them easily even for beginners and the guys really know their job .in General the program is great , as for me there is no better software than these guys.respect to you .but I ask you to give me the key to the program xheater and others want to warn - buying program ask about the license key ,maybe if you fly off the OS or you just decide to work remotely possibilities you have this will not....

Anastasia05.12.2017 at 19:25
The program is excellent, you can understand even without profound knowledge in this field. Allows you to save a decent amount of budget on advertisement, the response from the mailing list really is! Thank you very much for the software!

Oleg30.10.2017 at 13:37
Good afternoon. The program XMailer not bad and functional - no complaints. But as XHeater then there is work to do. Firstly when overclocking a new domain, 95% of emails don't just fall into your spam folder, and all mail services of the letter does not pass, is removed without the possibility of message delivery to the addressee. I think the reason is that when you create messages, you can insert only the title, the body of the email and a link (or no link). Evaluation of such messages e-mail services including anti-spam services like: mail-tester.com hardly give better the estimate is almost up to 5, and it is known to machine gun spam. Implement the ability to insert pictures (and then everything will be much more interesting) that will significantly increase the delivery of letters to the final destination in the dispersal domain.

Sergey16.10.2017 at 23:15
How many here Sergeev among customers :). Do Malinga for 6 years. Tried the solution on the scripts and the complete program (e.g. Sandblaster). All have their advantages and disadvantages. If dignity embraced all that the disadvantages of all hidden and open out then sideways at the most inopportune moment. In hmailer I yet no problems found. Possible problems can occur in different fancy language versions of Windows, but the developers respond adequately advise on the merits and fix everything almost on the fly. You can agree on a modernization program for YOU PERSONALLY and for quite sane money. Such I yet did not meet any one developer. Respect. In General it was an excellent program. Really a very competent and unusual funkionalnoy. Both novice and pros will approach 100 %. To use it you need to have a basic understanding of the principles of marketing mile or a couple of times to rethink their channel on YouTube. I recommend to all.

Eugene17.08.2017 at 18:07
The program is good, with its functions to cope perfectly. There was a problem in the process, but tech support helped to resolve.

Anton01.08.2017 at 17:43
Excellent support! Despite my mistakes, ten times chewed and helped to set up the program.

Alex18.07.2017 at 12:50
Once again - thanks tech support! Despite the "hard technarchy" position (when the decision obvious task rests with the client

Alexander10.07.2017 at 2:26
This is the best program from all that is, the letters reach everything without getting into spam, not difficult to understand and even exciting, because the result is always pleasing. Success for your team!

Vitaly11.05.2017 at 15:53
Decided to also leave a review to share your experience! Have the whole set of programs from the developer, before the purchase of programs made all hands spent half a day on setup and installation scripts. Now a lot of time was released, look only to the analyst and if not already taking different actions! I wish the developers success and development in this direction, as the market no longer certain who is so engrossed in the automation of email newsletters. And those support a lot of patience, sometimes he asked such stupid questions)

Alex11.04.2017 at 19:38
Asked about the revision: separate checking of mails in XHeater, without the send function. Finished in 2 days. Very happy that everything is finalized and there is easy communication with the developer.

Ivan24.03.2017 at 14:24
I want to Express my gratitude to the team tech. support. I'm not special, and it's not completely my profile (newsletter). So not all the subtleties of the own. And sometimes I screw. And support helps me. Only today felt like a complete idiot when I for 1 minute showed how everything works. And I did nothing for 2 days. Very cool tech. support. Thanks guys.

Dmitry12.03.2017 at 22:57
I would like to thank the team of this creation. Counterparts I met, though, and do mailings for three years. Don't know how long will the theme xservera, but it's aerobatics. Better on the market there's nothing in it for the money and not competitive software. Epochta smokes on the sidelines. Thanks again developers!

Anatoly09.03.2017 at 2:19
I am shocked three years ago prescribed and warmed as it is now called, your domains manually. Now full automation - if the functionality is confirmed - in no doubt - we'll believe in the miracle.

Eugene18.02.2017 at 7:52
Thank you very much for the software. I literally the day after its purchase, has processed more than 20K. people, I have all the subtleties are not penetrated. But I can say that e-mail is at rest, by the way I have it too!!!

Artem03.02.2017 at 16:22
The program is powerful and who would be there in the comments said in inboks definitely going letters if them properly do not just copy someone.

Andrew09.12.2016 at 1:55
Write to the guys developers and technical support. a huge thank you for their work. First- program, which they did - a really really cool tool for email marketing. Second - support is happening at a very high level. Quickly, correctly and clearly. If You are using email marketing - I recommend - take from a set of programs - You'll get your costs very quickly.

Sergey19.11.2016 at 21:10
I read the comments, as always)) you Have to understand that guys - the developers make the revolution Siem product XMailer and additional services. Spent the money and bought all that they offer, buying understand that investing in the development of the project is the best in its segment, reduced spending on left-wing programs and scripts etc to a Scam. To say thank you to the developers nothing to say. A huge thanks from me personally.

Alex19.11.2016 at 12:56
Good day! You guys rock - two distribution with the free version (despite the fact that 60% of the first was a screw up due to ignorance of sinonimayzer) - 80000 rubles of net income. Bought the full version at a discount. We will continue to work!

Dmitry18.10.2016 at 17:25
Use this team for a long time and know the guys very well, constantly making suggestions about improvements, many already program. Thank them for that. With the advent of complex programs on the installation server, launch email was much easier. The Inbox will tell you that you need to monitor constantly sending, in case of hit in spam to take action, but this is simply done if you have a head. I advise everyone not to be lazy, to understand and grasp the email distribution, advertising, cheaper does not happen.

Andrew18.10.2016 at 16:32
C hands all right, just a 3rd spamer today is no longer relevant. Filters develop hourly and to keep up with them difficult. The program simple as 3 pennies, there is the difficulty about not talking. Functionality rich but zryashnoe. In the Inbox is not more than 3% in error of 40% or more. Serious spamming will not work 100 pounds, but the little things, like mailing their com.proposals for a small number of addresses are possible. Those.support stremnovato, just send in Skype, but respond immediately. Something like this

Fyodor12.10.2016 at 12:24
all reviews are bought, but the program sucks. not working

Ivan27.09.2016 at 2:08
Good afternoon,bought the program and xservers xspammer a couple of days ago,very satisfied! rich functionality,Previously worked on the script, mailwizz now will only work with xspammer, tech support always on connection,in General, all very happy!-) Thank you

Master19.09.2016 at 18:39
Great program, I'm with you on your computer since 1993, and not only seen different, tried from scratch. The team is a huge gracefulness for Amazing Work For Hands That Grow From There!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys for your great work!!!!

Nicholas18.09.2016 at 1:38
If hands grow not from that place, then this program is not for You.

Igor13.09.2016 at 9:53
Do not understand the program. Can't test it. Created a letter sent to himself, but the letter went. You need to pay 5000 RUB. to check the operation of the program. What nonsense!!!!

Igor03.09.2016 at 19:00
In its capabilities xSpamer leaves far behind many of its competitors - they can only swallow the dust... I have tried numerous programs and scripts to send mail, but stopped definitely xSpamer. It's a real combine! In a convenient and simple interface displayed all from the thematic databases to shutdown computer after the produced distribution. Mechanisms of randomization of everything and the emails and texts, and headers, and the type of sender, and links, and many of the rest - let unikalizirovat EVERY letter of the hundreds of thousands! Built-in blacklist of two types (the rules for the specifics), search for available domains for sending servers... I'm not talking about that built-in protection from the illogical actions of the user, surprises on sending servers, and even problems with the Internet connection! And the creators are constantly coming up with and implementing new and new chips! And there's a forum where you can consult with associates...

George05.05.2016 at 16:51
The program Xspamer very convenient and easy to use. And the team Super. Thank you friends big

Yulia Sokolova11.03.2016 at 21:55
This is the best program for email marketing campaigns today - and I'm sure she is and will remain the best as they added more and more new chips. Moreover, using features of the program do not have to ride on various other resources - it has everything: the accounts for mailing lists (if not using their SMTP servers), and tools for maximum randomization, and an unlimited number of HTML templates ( if you want to send colorful letters and not just using a plain-text editor). As well as lots more information on bypass the spam filters. And the most important thing is that the program can master even the beginners to earn money on the Internet as free access to very high quality free step-by-step course, with the most compressed, detailed video lessons on working with the program from the main guerrilla Guerrilla Marketing. ( On Poparte such a course would be in the lead). As a beginner to earn online you need first and foremost traffic to your project info-product, a marketable product. And only program Spamer will help him in shaping his subscription base for free ( all other options require huge investments). Enough to pay 1000 rubles for the license to have access to all the tools - but it's worth it. And that's not all: the program has a very interesting and gipsey 2 two-tier affiliate program. Connect more and grow with us!

Ilya06.03.2016 at 18:27
Hi all. Possess more than 30 kinds of traffic, but are always bothered by the fact that email marketing me not. Bought a bunch of software, scripts. He installed and configured smtp server on the VDS. Still the Inbox has a maximum 1-2%. After meeting with xspammer and through personal consultations with holders of service provds finally got inboks 30%. The result is increased by 15 times!!!! I understand how to randomize the text, what and how much you need proxy, what settings are firing anti spam postal and how to avoid them. Super. Now in my Arsenal 31 tool of Internet marketing. Would recommend. By the way the paid version of the software purchased smtp paid off in just a week. Also thanks to the built-in database 2gis in the program itself.

Oleg Ерофеев14.02.2016 at 0:15
I read the comments above and totally agree with Eugene, others apparently have not tried to work with really complex programs. Personally, I easier and more functional not seen and tried a dozen of online services and programs. I wish you prosperity and continual improvement of functionality in step with the times!

SEOBoss11.01.2016 at 16:36
Use Xspamer for distribution to its database of about 1000 email), Enough trial version. All just sorted out immediately. Good luck to your team. Develop the project!

Sergey Викторович14.12.2015 at 13:19
Yes, I agree, the program is not simple, but I constantly communicate with the technical support Manager, he told me is advice and I've already pretty well mastered Issamerm. Used this program a long time, since the second version, now moved to third, where it is added many useful functions to me. In General, all happy, tried to get many programs, but all the letters tend to fall into spam, but with the help of exsphere sent successfully, now I got all the details and can customize the newsletter. Settings, and appropriately enough features!

Novel08.12.2015 at 14:06
Great programm. Settings complicated. Please make as simple as possible settings and that something like the "expert" mode.

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