Problems with mailings

The constant expansion of the functionality of the program requires constant testing of our product, we do our best to provide You with the latest functionality, so there may be errors, for which our apologies, please inform us about such incidents, we will to resolve them quickly.

Join our group, where we promptly inform about the innovations in our program.

Also in this group we support our users and will soon launch a branch of the discussion where You offer to share Your experience of successful and unsuccessful mailings.

Of course, we know about the failures in mailing lists of our users. We understand all the complexities in the newsletter. We also know and successful case studies of our users.

We daily receives between 50 to 100 messages with questions, concerns, tips and wishes. In group VC, Skype, email, private messages and so on. And eventually we came to the conclusion that all errors are connected with incorrect representation of the process by mailing in the application mailing.

For anybody not a secret that to send 1 million emails is a daunting task. But many new users we begin to ask such questions, why I sent no problem 1000 messages and what can I do to send 1 million messages?

It is understood that there are forces that are struggling with mass mailings. No such distribution is possible to produce and they are produced, but you need to understand that sending 1тысячи messages and 1 million tasks of a different order.

If in the first case no problem, you can send the 1st malovskogo account for 1day, in the second case the solution requires more than the use of malovskogo account.

Sending 1 million letters in a week is a real problem, whose solution is, it XMailer dedicated server (more server ip swing) knowledge and understanding of the process.

The question is, do You need 1 million emails sent and what is this million?

Is that your subscribers? Where did you get them? You probably big business, if you have that customer base.

If you want to send 1 million messages blindly, then let me tell You a secret: you spend resources not that effectively, but simply stupid!

Segment Your recipients, use a good quality base, the test base for survivability.

Use base addresses from our database of recipients, which divided the cities and fields of activity.

Use your time more efficiently.

I continue about spamming:

Let's be Frank, the times when it was possible to send per night 100,000 letters from the NHS mail accounts are gone and the postal service, especially large ones, have developed spam filters and improved filtration process of different slag that can break through this barrier is possible only by understanding the process of mailing, the proper implementation of the right ideas. We create a tool that allows you to create any mailing list, to create any setting, any part of the letter.

But that does not mean that default settings (standard settings) will help you become the God of spam.

I need to try and look for ways and start with small mailings and then, with experience and development direction of the mailings you will adequately understand the situation and to skillfully wield our tool.

XMailer, unlike other services, does not control Your distribution and Your database, we provide a full freedom of action, but also responsibility from Your actions we do not take.

Successful mailings with XMailer!

We will continue to publish our tips for sending successful newsletters. Hopefully, these tips will help You implement a successful mailing.

The topic of the next article - on offer Technical support.