Antispam в XMailer 3.0

Описание возможностей настройки функции Antispam

We highly recommend to master the use of this tool, as it will allow You to send Your mailing is most effective and its use allows flexible configuration of Your distribution.

The text of the letter

  • Include replacement of the letters in Latin analogues - random replacement of characters with Latin equivalents, e.g. "A"->"A" or "O"->"O"
  • To transliterate the text - replacement of the Cyrillic to the Latin counterparts, for example "replacing symbols" -> "zamena simvolov"
  • Sinonimizirovat text - word substitution synonyms in random order


  • The link to unsubscribe from the mailing list - the Program automatically inserts the email address of the sender in this field. The recipient can unsubscribe by clicking on the same button in your Inbox. Supported by most e-mail services
  • isXMailruMsgtype the unsubscribe link to
  • Distribution Id - a unique number identifier for the mailing, mostly to collect statistics such as the postmaster of mail and postofis from Yandex
  • Priority letters (XPriority) - set the priority of the letter is supported by many mail clients
  • ID software (XMailer) is the unique application ID, used for unique mailing contains your list will be injected in random order
  • Delivery address reads (XConfirmReadingTo) - Specify the address of delivery reports read receipts from Your list
  • Shipping address error (XErrorsTo) - Specify the shipping address bug reports send email messages from Your mailing list


  • To change the file name to change the file name of the image in vlozhenii and the text of the letter will be generated a unique set of characters
  • To change the format and expanding to change the format of the image and its extension in a random order, for example jpg->png
  • Add noise - adds noise to the image noise density is specified as a percentage
  • Rotate up - rotates the image within the degree value, the value you specify
  • To generate a description to images is to generate the alt attribute in the HTML code of letters
  • Picture-in-HTML - translate the image directly in html code in base64 format
  • Cut image - split image into pieces according to the specified parameters
  • Resize - change the size of the image within the specified parameters
  • Example - viewing the image with algorithms of unique

Attached files

  • To change the names of attached files - names of attached files will be generated automatically
  • To archive attached files accidentally - accidentally archiving the attached files
  • To change the name of the archive during backup of an attached file, change the file name to random characters

Note: archiving the attached files in a random order, and not on a permanent basis was implemented because of the following reasons: if you wish to send archived attachments, you can use programs archivers that perform this function most efficiently and under it sharpened.


  • To replace the links to use substitution references. Read more here


We recommend you to use the sending method via a proxy when the letter size is not more than 100 KB.

  • Do not use a proxy to Use the real ip of the sender
  • Use proxy - Use a proxy server and real ip of the sender alternating between
  • Only proxy to use for sending only via an intermediate proxy

This section helps you to hide your real ip from sending and receiving mail server by sending messages through intermediate proxy servers. In XMailer 3.0 implements the method send via Socks5. You can download a list of your proxies and download our proxy list, but it requires a check on the performance as the percentage of live proxies from startup list is ~10%. The list is constantly being updated, but requires a mandatory inspection.


Внимание: освоение и использование инструмента Antispam, позволит Вам максимально полно использовать возможности XMailer III и наиболее эффективно отправлять Ваши письма.